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E. coli, salmonella, influenza, tuberculosis, hepatitis

Outbreaks of infectious diseases headline the nightly news with discomforting regularity. No matter whether they are familiar – salmonella, E. coli; disappeared long ago – TB, polio; exotic and international – plague, lassa fever; or totally new – Zika, SARS, swine flu or avian influenza – infectious disease outbreaks can threaten you and your business.

The world of infectious diseases is fast-moving and complex. An outbreak can quickly halt your business or cut your customer traffic in half. Recovering lost business can take years. If your product, service or facility is implicated as the source of an outbreak, federal, state and local health department officials will request, or even require, your cooperation as they investigate. Requests can be conflicting, expectations can be unclear, mistrust is predictable. The media spotlight demands that answers be found and action taken. How do you make sure that your concerns are heard? Who can deliver a credible message to the public?

Your employees may be reluctant to travel or just perform their day-to-day jobs as they fear for their own safety or worry about their families. Or they just may need good advice on managing risk in the face of the unfamiliar. How can you reduce the distractions and help them focus on doing their best work?

The outbreak is over and lawsuits have been filed. Faced with a large pile of investigation reports and medical records, the legal team needs help in understanding exactly what happened so they can build their case. Who do you turn to for the expertise they require?

HF Hull & Associates, LLC can help you with all these problems. With over 35 years of experience in the control of infectious diseases, Harry F. Hull, M.D. is one of the nation’s leading public health epidemiologists. He has investigated numerous infectious disease outbreaks – providing technical leadership, coordinating a response involving many agencies and communicating complex issues as clear and concise messages for the media, the public and decision makers. Dr. Hull has the scientific knowledge and the experience in managing complex infectious disease issues to meet your needs.